A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life

A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life

Vol.1 Chapter 3 24 mins ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Jun-28-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 1 May-24-2019


Vol.1 Chapter 31: Egg 25 mins ago
Vol.1 Chapter 30: Lomi Aug-12-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 29: Bagul Aug-04-2019


Vol.14 Chapter 65: Nothing To Be Uneasy About 25 mins ago
Vol.13 Chapter 64: The Time They Have Left Aug-12-2019
Vol.13 Chapter 63: Best Four Aug-05-2019
One Of A Kind Romance

One Of A Kind Romance

Chapter 20 25 mins ago
Chapter 19 Jul-15-2019
Chapter 18 Jun-10-2019
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken

Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken

Vol.126 Chapter 936: Dangerous Pursuit Part 1 27 mins ago
Vol.126 Chapter 935: Oujirou Returns Part 2 27 mins ago
Vol.125 Chapter 934: Oujirou Returns Part 1 Jun-19-2019


Chapter 5: Step In 48 mins ago
Chapter 4: Even 48 mins ago
Chapter 3: Ipheion 49 mins ago
Kani ni Sasowarete

Kani Ni Sasowarete

Chapter 18: The Heart Of A Calculator [End] 1 hour ago
Chapter 17: The Perfect Sunday 1 hour ago
Chapter 16: Hot Pot 1 hour ago
Rise of The Demon King

Rise Of The Demon King

Chapter 32: Life Of Death? 54 mins ago
Chapter 31: The Rescue Has Arrived 3 day ago
Chapter 30: Let's Die Together Aug-07-2019
Naze Boku no Sekai wo Daremo Oboeteinai no ka?

Naze Boku No Sekai Wo Daremo Oboeteinai No Ka?

Vol.2 Chapter 10 55 mins ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9 Aug-07-2019
Vol.2 Chapter 8 Jul-27-2019
Isekai Death Game ni Tensou sarete tsurai

Isekai Death Game Ni Tensou Sarete Tsurai

Vol.3 Chapter 17: Rescue 55 mins ago
Vol.3 Chapter 16: Self Defense Jun-19-2019
Vol.3 Chapter 15: Exposed May-24-2019
Bandai Kaname wa Asobitai

Bandai Kaname Wa Asobitai

Chapter 13: The Plarail Of Sturdy Dreams 57 mins ago
Chapter 12: The Great Animal World War Of Survival Jun-06-2019
Chapter 11.5: Nomura Tsukiko Retraces The Toys Jun-03-2019
Summer Time Render

Summer Time Render

Chapter 83 57 mins ago
Chapter 82 Aug-12-2019
Chapter 81 Aug-05-2019
Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?

Kami-Sama X Ore-Sama X Danna-Sama!?

Vol.2 Chapter 6 1 hour ago
Vol.2 Chapter 5 Jul-30-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 4.5 May-24-2019
Perfect Classroom

Perfect Classroom

Chapter 29: Observation (2) 1 hour ago
Chapter 28: Observation (1) 2 day ago
Chapter 27: Provocation (4) Aug-13-2019
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion

Vol.22 Chapter 89: Dangerous Pursuit Part 1 1 hour ago
Vol.22 Chapter 88: Oujirou Returns Part 2 Aug-11-2019
Vol.22 Chapter 87: Oujirou Returns Part 1 Jun-19-2019
Assassin's Pride

Assassin's Pride

Vol.4 Chapter 18: Lesson 18: The Ladies Gather In The Castle Of Chains 1 hour ago
Vol.4 Chapter 17: Assassin's Pride Jun-30-2019
Vol.3 Chapter 16.5: Extras May-24-2019
Boku no Kanojo Sensei

Boku No Kanojo Sensei

Vol.1 Chapter 4 1 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jul-01-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 May-25-2019
The Horror Mansion

The Horror Mansion

Chapter 27.2: Kevin's Horror, The Final Part (Part 2) 1 hour ago
Vol.6 Chapter 2: Kevin's Horror, The Final Part (Part 1) Jun-14-2019
Vol.6 Chapter 1: Kevin's Horror (Childhood) Jun-14-2019
Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King

Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend Of The Dragon King

Chapter 66: Tsundere Ice Staff Guy 2 hour ago
Chapter 65: Wang Jinxi's Pain Aug-12-2019
Chapter 64: A Problem Appears Aug-05-2019


Vol.2 Chapter 6: Falling Down 2 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Fuma Has Come!! Aug-12-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Encounter Aug-07-2019
Princess in the Prince's Harem

Princess In The Prince's Harem

Chapter 99 2 hour ago
Chapter 98 1 day ago
Chapter 97 Aug-10-2019
Hidamari ga Kikoeru

Hidamari Ga Kikoeru

Chapter 26 2 hour ago
Chapter 25 Jul-09-2019
Chapter 24 May-24-2019


Chapter 51 3 hour ago
Chapter 50 3 hour ago
Chapter 49 May-27-2019
Ring A Bell

Ring A Bell

Chapter 9 3 hour ago
Chapter 8 Aug-11-2019
Chapter 7 Aug-05-2019


Vol.7 Chapter 55: Ss Sanctuary 3 hour ago
Chapter 54: Ray Of Hope Jul-27-2019
Chapter 53: How To Make A Serial Killer Jul-19-2019
Robot Izonkei Joshi no Meiwaku na Nichijou

Robot Izonkei Joshi No Meiwaku Na Nichijou

Vol.2 Chapter 9: Takashina Hagane Really Is Amazing (Part 1) 4 hour ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8.1: Fly! Iris (Part 2) Aug-09-2019
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Fly! Iris (Part 1) Aug-03-2019
Sirius & Mayu

Sirius & Mayu

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Star And Shadow 4 hour ago
Chapter 3: Spica's Heart Aug-05-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 2: My Star Jul-21-2019
Shukan Brick

Shukan Brick

Chapter 16 4 hour ago
Chapter 15 4 hour ago
Chapter 14 1 day ago
Bad Candy You Give Me

Bad Candy You Give Me

Vol.1 Chapter 11: Leaving Home 4 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Where Demons Dwell 4 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 9: Goodbye 4 hour ago
In the Night Comes a Girl

In The Night Comes A Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 7 4 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6 Aug-11-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 5 Aug-04-2019
Little Ken and a Cat. Sometimes a Duck

Little Ken And A Cat. Sometimes A Duck

Vol.1 Chapter 9: Babies 4 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 8: A Working Dad Aug-11-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 7: A Deal Between Boys Aug-04-2019
Raine and Sunny’s Journey of Wind

Raine And Sunny’S Journey Of Wind

Vol.2 Chapter 14: Floating Island: Final Rest 4 hour ago
Vol.2 Chapter 13: Snowy Mountains Of The Furries (Part 2) Jul-28-2019
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Snowy Mountains Of The Furries (Part 1) Jul-07-2019
Blue Giant

Blue Giant

Vol.4 Chapter 27: One Tear 5 hour ago
Vol.4 Chapter 26: Don't Explain Aug-10-2019
Vol.4 Chapter 25: Cherokee Aug-04-2019
Crow Record: Infinite Dendrogram Another

Crow Record: Infinite Dendrogram Another

Chapter 3: The Duel Begins 5 hour ago
Chapter 2: Challenger Jul-22-2019
Vol.0 Chapter 1: [Fallen Knight] Juliet Jun-09-2019
Koi Inu.

Koi Inu.

Chapter 190: Suspicions Of Cheating 5 hour ago
Chapter 189: Hangover (3) Aug-11-2019
Chapter 188: Hangover (2) Aug-04-2019
Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen

Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen

Vol.2 Chapter 27: Period 20 5 hour ago
Vol.2 Chapter 26: Period 19 Aug-11-2019
Vol.2 Chapter 25: Period 18 Aug-11-2019


Vol.10 Chapter 50 [End] 5 hour ago
Vol.10 Chapter 49 Jun-02-2019
Vol.10 Chapter 48 Jun-02-2019
Show Princess

Show Princess

Vol.1 Chapter 31 5 hour ago
Chapter 30 May-25-2019
Vol.1 Chapter 29 May-24-2019
Demon Sacred

Demon Sacred

Vol.9 Chapter 36: Chaos 5 hour ago
Chapter 35: Doubt May-25-2019
Chapter 34: True Love May-24-2019


Chapter 65 6 hour ago
Chapter 64 6 hour ago
Chapter 63 6 hour ago
Sorcerer Maiden

Sorcerer Maiden

Chapter 22: Red Flower 6 hour ago
Chapter 21: Feeling Of Liking You May-25-2019
Chapter 20: What Ears? May-24-2019
IRIS - Lady with a Smartphone

Iris - Lady With A Smartphone

Chapter 14 6 hour ago
Chapter 13 1 day ago
Chapter 12 Aug-13-2019


Vol.12 Chapter 126: Bankruptcy Fraud Iv 6 hour ago
Vol.12 Chapter 125: Bankruptcy Fraud Iii 6 hour ago
Vol.12 Chapter 124: Bankruptcy Fraud Ii 7 hour ago
Dear Door

Dear Door

Chapter 15 7 hour ago
Chapter 14 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 13 Jul-25-2019
Enami-kun wa Ikiru no ga tsurai

Enami-Kun Wa Ikiru No Ga Tsurai

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Enami-Kun Wants To Be Excused 7 hour ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Enami-Kun Can't Keep Up May-24-2019
Chapter 5: Enami-Kun Wants To Have Confidence May-24-2019
Dark Mortal

Dark Mortal

Chapter 11: Until The End 8 hour ago
Chapter 10: Suspicious Friend Aug-02-2019
Chapter 9: Memories Aug-02-2019
Joshikousei no Muda Zukai

Joshikousei No Muda Zukai

Vol.6 Chapter 70: Art 8 hour ago
Vol.6 Chapter 69: Price 1 day ago
Vol.6 Chapter 68: School Day 2 day ago
Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

Chapter 79: Cowardly Vampire (2) 8 hour ago
Chapter 78: Cowardly Vampire (1) 8 hour ago
Chapter 77.5: When They Become Second Years Aug-01-2019
X Epoch of Dragon

X Epoch Of Dragon

Chapter 51: The War Of The Qualifiers 8 hour ago
Chapter 50: Our Home Aug-03-2019
Chapter 49 : I’M Not That Awesome(Su), The Games Were Just(Su) Too Easy! Jul-18-2019
The Fraudulent Game

The Fraudulent Game

Chapter 4 8 hour ago
Chapter 3 Aug-11-2019
Chapter 2 Aug-05-2019